Nova Framework is a powerful MVC PHP Framework for building web applications.

Nova extends from Laravel supporting the 4.2 range....

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Minimal Configuration

Convention over configuration means getting up and running takes moments. Learn More

Powerful Themes

Themes can be used to quickly change the look of your application/website. Learn More

Free Support

Support is provided by a variety of source, including a dedicated Forum and a live WebChat.

Powerful Modules

Modules are like mini applications. A module can be standalone or add integration functionality to Nova. Learn More

Database API Support

Powerful database support for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and SQLite, with a Query Builder and an ORM. Learn More

Custom Add-ons

Add-ons are user created/uploaded classes, libraries. Learn More

Email API

Email support is built on top of Swiftmailer providing powerful Mail & SMTP options. Learn More


Video tutorials for one off lessons and complete courses. Learn More

Open Source

Nova is open source, released under MIT License, on Github