Break recordset into a series of pages

First create a new instance of the class pass in the number of items per page and the instance identifier, this is used for the GET parameter such as ?p=2 The set_total method expects the total number of records, either set this or pass in a call to a model that will return records then count them on return. The method used to get the records will need a get_limit passed to it, this will then return the set number of records for that page. Lastly a method called page_links will return the page links.

The model that uses the limit will need to expect the limit:

public function getContacts($limit){ return $this->db->select(' SELECT *, (SELECT count(id) FROM '.PREFIX.'contacts) as total FROM '.PREFIX.'contacts '.$limit);

Pagination concept

//create a new object
$pages = new \Helpers\Paginator('1', 'p');
//calling a method to get the records with the limit set (_contacts would be the var holding the model data)
$data['records'] = $this->model->getContacts($pages->getLimit());
//set the total records, calling a method to get the number of records from a model
$pages->setTotal( $data['records'][0]->total );
//create the nav menu
$data['pageLinks'] = $pages->pageLinks();

Usage example:

$pages = new \\Helpers\\Paginator('50','p');
$data['records'] = $this->model->getContacts($pages->getLimit());
$data['pageLinks'] = $pages->pageLinks();