PHP Mailer

PHPMailer is a third party class for sending emails, Full docs are available at

To use PHPMailer create a new instance of it:

$mail = new \Helpers\PhpMailer\Mail();

Once an instance has been created all the properties are available to you, a typical example:

$mail = new \\Helpers\\PhpMailer\\Mail();
$mail->subject('Important Email');
$mail->body("<h1>Hey</h1>I like this <b>Bold</b> Text!");

The class has the ability to send via SMTP in order to do so edit Helpers/PhpMailer/Mail.php and enter your SMTP settings you can also set a default email from address so you don't have to supply it each time:

public $From = '';
public $FromName = SITETITLE;
public $Host = '';
public $Mailer = 'smtp';
public $SMTPAuth = true;
public $Username = '';
public $Password = 'password';
public $SMTPSecure = 'tls';
public $WordWrap = 75;

You don't need to specify a plain text version of the email to be sent out, this is done automatically from the supplied body.