Creating a new Cron is fairly simple to do. To keep things organised, it would be best to create a new folder in your app directory called Cron and then in that folder, make another folder called Adapters. You should have something like this:

  • app
    • Cron
      • Adapters

Then under your adapters folder, you can create your cron adapter, For the purposes of this guide, you will create an adapter called HelloWorld.php which will return 'Hello World'.

In order to activate the cron, you would need to setup a token in app/Modules/System/Config.php by modifying the below configuration:

use Nova\Config\Config;
/** * Configuration constants and options. */
Config::set('cron', array( /** * The CRON token. * This tool can be used to generate key - */ 'token' => 'SomeRandomStringThere_1234567890',

The Adapter

namespace App\Cron\Adapters;
use Nova\Cron\Adapter;
class HelloWorld extends Adapter
{ // The name of your Cron protected $name = 'Hello World'; /** * Execute the CRON operations. */ public function handle() { return 'Hello World!'; // Or your complicated code here. }

Registering the Cron

Then to register your cron, add the following line to app\Bootstrap.php


Run Cron Run

And finally, to run the cron, navigate to{token}

You should receive something like this in your browser:

Nova 3.0 - Cron executed on 26 Nov 2016, 23:01
CRON Test : Hello from the CRON!
Hello World : Hello World!

That's it!