The middleware gives a way execute code before the controllers are executed, they run before executing the requested Method, and store the resulted data in a Views shared storage. From where its loaded and added for rendering execution. This style avoids multiple calling of those Hooks, as in for every rendering call.

In the View\View there is a Method, called "share", permitting to set data variables which are shared by any called rendering method. For example, it is possible to have:

return View::share('title', 'Page Title');

Making the variable 'title' available in any theme layout.

Middleware allows a method to be called before the controller is executed for example a controller could have this construct:

public function __construct()
{ parent::__construct(); // $this->beforeFilter('@adminUsersFilter');

This would call the method adminUsersFilter:

/** * A Before Filter which permit the access to Administrators. */
public function adminUsersFilter(Route $route, Request $request)
{ // Check the User Authorization - while using the Extended Auth Driver. if (! Auth::user()->hasRole('administrator')) { $status = __('You are not authorized to access this resource.'); return Redirect::to('admin/dashboard')->withStatus($status, 'warning'); }

Controller methods should always return to allow the middleware execution to complete.


A typical setup for a RESTful controller is:

public function index()
{ $data = array( 'success' => true ); return $this->getResponse($data);
public function show($id)
{ $data = array( 'success' => true ); return $this->getResponse($data);
protected function getResponse($data)
{ return Response::json($data);

This method getResponse() could be the perfect place to add suplementary processing, for example an OAUTH signature.

When doing multiple RESTful Controllers, It's possible to create App\Core\ApiController which give you this method by default. Also when creating a RESTful API, it is better to use directly Nova\Routing\Controller due to this executing faster than App\Core\Controller.