Problem in 3.80.70 stable

Installation 2 years ago by stiller

On a fresh install, there is a bug in the registration process.

First i had to create a migration for the missing db field nova_users.activation_code. Later on in the registration of a new user, the following error occurs:

Type error: Too few arguments to function App\Modules\Platform\Controllers\Registrar::tokenVerify(), 2 passed and exactly 3 expected

So theres a call of tokenVerify() with a missing argument. I just could not figure out, where it's called.

Thanks in advance, David

2 years ago by LuckyCyborg

In the v3.80.70, the activation_code is a meta-field, then it does not exists into User model.

In other hand, tokenVerify() is an action, then its parameters should be solved automatically by the Router.

public function tokenVerify(Request $request, $hash, $token);

The first one is the current Nova\Http\Request instance, and it is added automatically (by Router).

So, please give more details about this error, specially I am interested by the verify link you got in the email.

2 years ago by endif

There is problem with Router, change in Platform/Routes/Web.php

Route::post('register/status', array('middleware' => 'guest', 'uses' => 'Registrar@status'));


Route::get('register/status', array('middleware' => 'guest', 'uses' => 'Registrar@status')); 

2 years ago by LuckyCyborg

@endif Thanks you, that small issue propagated up to latest examples for Nova 4.

It will be fixed in the next release of the full app for Nova 4.

2 years ago by endif

@LuckyCyborg More continuosly bugs are there, I will try identify and document them, then I will send to You summary.

2 years ago by LuckyCyborg

@endif Feel free to send as many bug reports as you like.

And I will be glad to consider them.

BUT, bear in mind that now I am focused into Nova 4. This is the currently active developed series.

BTW, I chosen to switch to Nova 4, only to avoid introducing yet another breaking changes into Nova 3. Basically, Nova 4.0.x are the something like the series 3.81.x, nothing spectacular as a rewriting the framework from scratch.

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