Nova Framework is a simple but powerful MVC PHP Framework for building web applications.

Minimal Configuration

Convention over configuration means getting up and running takes moments. Learn More

Simple Theme Files

As well as full control over views themes can be used to quickly change the look of your application/website. Learn More

Free Support

Support is provided by a variety of source, Twitter, Facebook Groups, Chat rooms and a dedicated Forum.

Database API Support

Powerful database support out the box with a query builder and an ORM. Learn More

Custom Add-ons

Add-ons are user created/uploaded classes, libraries. Learn More

Email API

Email support is built on top of Swiftmailer providing powerful Mail & SMTP options. Learn More

Words from our users

Ditching Symfony - Looking forward to some actual coding!!

Cris Thompson

Nova Framework seems more promising freedom creativity.

Ari Ratic

This is my second framework I use, I have used CI before but Nova is much more flexible, lighter (!), The best


I find this framework really easy to us, it makes my job building customer website much easier!

Kerry Owston